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About the Show


LATINA VOICES: SMART TALK is an innovative, English language, half-hour television and Internet-streamed talk show of mainstream topics with a Latina perspective. Like the Oprah Show, Latina Voices addresses politics; business; pop culture; health trends; entertainment; women's issues and other newsworthy and timely topics of value to professional Latinos and the mainstream audience.


LATINA VOICES: SMART TALK is hosted by show creator and Executive Producer MINERVA P√ČREZ, an award-winning Broadcast Journalist and Community Leader; SOFIA ADROGU√Č, a Rice University and Harvard Business School Alumna and a "Texas Super Lawyer". Its presentation and open talk format have led it to be described as "the View with a Latina perspective".


Media research holds that middle-class professional and educated Latinos who live in the United States are dismissed by mainstream Media. Yet, they hold the power of the purse worth 700 billion dollars. Countless national advocacy groups contend there needs to be more broadcast programming with the Hispanic American perspective. LATINA VOICES: SMART TALK will fill that void.


The 44 million Hispanics who live in the U.S. are a multi-lingual, multi-cultural segment of the population and growing. Projections show that the Latino population will grow to nearly 67 million by 2050, overtaking other minority groups as a majority. The National Hispanic Media Coalition based in Los Angeles, CA promotes Latino inclusion in television, radio, film and all other media making it perfect timing for this kind of programming.


LATINA VOICES: SMART TALK is designed to empower Latinos, in particular, and mainstream audiences, in general. It targets a demographic age group of 30 to 65, known to have the biggest buying power, interest and maturity to enjoy this genre of programming.




Program Description


LATINA VOICES: SMART TALK features a "Smart Talk" segment with a discussion of nationally appealing current events: politics, business, news, health and lifestyle issues, and celebrities.


A major feature of the half-hour show is a NEWSMAKER segment featuring a prominent personality. Our first show featured Houston-born Olympic Medalist Raj Bhavsar and his Olympic coach, Kevin Mazeika.


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